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On Google Container Builder's Name
2 minutes read

Google Container Builder is a very capable CI platform that I think is absent from discussions far too often. It’s incredibly flexible and simple and this combination makes it very powerful.

Google Container Builder has a very unfortunate name. I have a habit of calling it Google Cloud Builder instead of it’s given name. Most of the time I’m not sure people people notice at all, it might just be the cast that no one is listening.

I — along with a few coworkers & friends — assumed that the Container builder was only good for building and publishing docker images. However Container build is also very good at running arbitrary things in docker containers.

It doesn’t help that the product exists as a sub-resource of the Google Container Registry which implies — at least to me, others are probably more thoughtful in their assumptions — that it would only be capable of producing artifacts which are published in the container registry.

Why a product that can stand on its own is hidden as a sub-page of another product is something I don’t understand. For now I’ll continue to call it “Cloud Builder” or abbreviate it to just GCB. Since the product is marketed as a sub-tool of it’s omitted from consideration when it could otherwise be a top contender.

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